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ПК Транспортные системы

... xploitation and climate factors taken into account. The main purpose of the company is to become partner of Russian cities in complex resolving of tasks in the frame of creation of a modern and comfortable inner-city passenger traffic systems. ...

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Муромский стрелочный завод

... rail turnout products for various types of track including underground and tram lines, conventional tracks, internal railways of industrial enterprises and sea ports. Murom Switch Works at present: Stable enterprise of complete production cycle, Own RD Department. Key supplier of turnout products to Moscow City Transport Lines and Moscow Metro, Supplies to CIS countries and Baltic States as well ...

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Молд и Матик Солюшнс

... om Mould & Matic offers its customers individually customised moulds and automation systems of the highest quality. - moulds for trim-in-place and steel-rule cutting applications suited to all marketable thermoforming machines and plastic materials, such as PP, PS, PE, PET, PLA etc. completed by customized automation solutions: endless stacker, pick-up stacker, modular cup packer, vertipacker, s ...

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Габлер Термоформ

... machines with sheet extrusion lines on one side and all sort of automation and handling after the products are formed on the other side. The GABLER portfolio includes the popular M-line machines, suitable for cup and bowls production, in various sizes and for different outputs. These are rounded up by the FOCUS-line modular machine concept, very flexible in terms of tool-change time and product ...

... s and for different outputs. These are rounded up by the FOCUS-line modular machine concept, very flexible in terms of tool-change time and product range. The portfolio is completed by the VARIUS suitable for high outputs in the tray and lid business and our flexible SWING for small outputs. ...

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Вольф Систем ГмбХ

... резервуаров и фундаментов. Wolf System is a company with more than 40 years of experience, specialized in planning of steel-, timber- and concrete construction. Primarily we are a manufacturer for stables (cattle, pigs, chicken, poultry and horses), storage and machine halls (grain, onion), round reinforced concrete reservoirs, reinforced concrete silos, foundation construction and this for agri ...

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... 1-25-09 Fax: +7 (495) 981-25-09 Мобильные и переносные комплексы связи, беспилотные летательные аппараты, безопасность больших данных, НИОКР связи и IT Mobile and portable communication complexes, unmanned aerial vehicles, security of Big Data, R & D in the field of telecommunications and IT. ...

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... development of manned and unmanned aircrafts, as well in the field of their modernization. Scope of the work is: - Equipment of aircrafts by optical monitoring and photo systems; - Development of portable terminals for receiving and transmitting data; - Development of the satellite navigation equipment; - Equipment of aircrafts by special payloads; - Development of the onboard automated workstati ...

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Хайтера Коммюникейшенс Hytera Communications Corporation Limited

... acturer of professional mobile radio equipment (PMR) in China. Hytera specializes in development and production of PMR equipment and solutions: from analog to digital, from standard to trunk, from portable and mobile to system equipment. ...

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... on; heavy maintenance & repair works on light & medium western helicopters by exclusive partner Heliswiss Iberica/ Spain; Genesys-Aerosystems autopilots distribution. Heliatica is a distributor of portable batteries StartStick produced by Aviation Battery Systems/USA and exclusive representative of ADAC HEMS Academy/Germany (flight personnel and medical crew trainings). Since March 2016 Heliatica ...

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Jett Cosmetics & Jett Medical

... ic acid) into deeper layers of the skin, normalization of connective tissues, improvement of skin elasticity, restoration of microcirculation in the skin. _ Jett plasma Lift Medical: The device is suitable for Blepharoplasty (non-invasive); Deep and shallow wrinkle removal; Warts, pigmentation, fibroma; couperosis removal; Scars correction; Face & body lifting Jett Plasma Lift Medical First pate ...

... ; couperosis removal; Scars correction; Face & body lifting Jett Plasma Lift Medical First patented direct current electrocauteries in the world! CE 1023 medical certification (EU) The device is suitable for: - Blepharoplasty (non-i... Palackeho trida 105 Brno Jihomoravsky kraj 61200 Тел.: +420725385074 ...

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